2014 PhD with distinction in systematic musicology and cultural sociology at the University of Graz with the Phd thesis “Gender – Metal – Videoclips” (rewarded with the Gabriele-Possanner-Förderungspreis 2015 & the Josef-Krainer-Förderungspreis 2015, financed by a research scholarship of the University of Graz).

Diploma in musicology (2007), Bachelor and Master of Arts in sociology (2008/2010).

Work Experience

Since 2022 lecturer at “Institute for Music Sociology” at University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna.

Since 2021 senior scientist at University of Music and Performing Arts Graz: principle investigator in the international project “U-YouPa: Understanding Youth Participation and Media Literacy in Digital Dialogue Spaces” (The Research Council of Norway).

Since 2014 academic coaching: support for academic theses (BA, MA and PhD), methodological coaching with a focus on qualitative research, advice on research proposals.

Since 2009 teaching assignments and workshops at different universities.

2016-2021 postdoc researcher and lecturer at the Web Literacy Lab at the Department Media & Design at the FH JOANNEUM – University of Applied Sciences Graz.

2016-2017 key researcher at the Institute for Electronic Music and Acoustics at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz; FWF-PEEK-project “GAPPP: Gamified Audiovisual Performance and Performance Practice” headed by Marko Ciciliani.

2014-2015 key researcher at Spectro in Vienna/Graz. Research project “Political Participation in Voitsberg”.

2012-2014 prae doc researcher at the Department of Sociology at the University of Graz; Joint FWF-DFG project “After Bologna: Gender Studies in Entrepreneurial Universities” (in cooperation with ZIFG, TU Berlin) headed by Angelika Wetterer and Sabine Hark.

2006-2009 social worker and head of the youth center Bärnbach: social work, media relations, event organisation, fund raising.


2014-2018 board member of the Austrian Society for Gender Studies (Österreichische Gesellschaft für Geschlechterforschung (ÖGGF)).

Founding member of the working group “music | media | publishing”.

2010-2012 chairwomen of the Dachverband der Studierenden der Musikwissenschaften (DVSM e.V.).

Reviewer: Metal Music Studies; STS Queer Forum; Marietta-Blau-Stipendium 2018; award for gender / feminist research 2017 (University of Innsbruck);  gender award 2015 (University of Music and Performing Arts Graz).